Welcome Aboard: How to Land A Job with Only One Interview

Nail your next interview

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About the Author Armen Knight

I have worked many jobs in various industries. I have been hired or offered a job more than 33 times and I’m not even 33 years old yet. That means that I have gone to at least 33 interviews with 33 different companies. Having that extensive interview experience, I have learned greatly and therefore, I know what interviewers look for in a candidate before they make a decision to hire them. In addition, after working for many different companies in many different industries, I have talked with many Human Resource and hiring managers and have learned a great deal from them in what they look for in a person when they are interviewing them.

As a result of my extensive experience with job interviews, I have become as many people have described an expert at job interviews. I was fortunate to find the so called “key” to a great interview on my first job interview and have ever since used that technique on all of my interviews. That is the reason I have had as many interviews and as many jobs because I was confident that I could get the job that I want without being afraid of the interview process. Unlike many people who hate their current jobs and don’t want to leave for fear of not doing well at job interviews, I never had that problem and that is what I will be sharing in my book.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from a state university and my grade point average was just above a “C” average. After graduating college and going on to different job interviews, I had been interviewing for position with many people who had gone to much more reputable schools and had far better grades than I did. However, I still walked away with the job offer because despite the fact that in almost every position I interviewed there were candidates who had gone to better schools, who had better grades and in many instances had better work experiences, I had simply put, better interviews, and that’s really all it came down to.